Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy, Busy.

Oh my, it's that time of year again.  The busy time of spring.  I can't believe it's been an entire week since I posted.

In that week, I have:
  • watched DD1 play in 3 softball games, all of which her team won, and at which she accumulated 6 RBIs.  I think she has only struck out once so far this year in twelve games.  The other times she's been walked, or hit the ball to one of the defensive players for an out, but mostly has gotten herself on base.  Her bat is on fire this season! 
  • bought myself a new pair of work boots, as my old pair died beyond resurrection.  Hated to spend the money, but do have to admit I am enjoying having new and comfy boots.

My new boots, before they went outdoors for the first time.

  • planted potatoes, onions, a short row of peas (more to come), and a Catawba grape vine.

    Seed potatoes ready to be hilled

    My handy dandy four pound sledge, for pounding stakes in the garden (and anything else I want to drive into the ground).
    Purchased because I was tired of using a 'wimpy' old 22 oz. hammer to do the job.

  • taken 4 more old hens to auction, fetching a price of $7.00 each this time (lots of chickens at last Saturday's auction).  Not bad for birds that would have been in my stew pot (I really prefer roast chicken to stewed).
  • attended the high school honors night, where DD1 gave a speech on Leadership for the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, as well as received a few awards.  Her 'better half' of the past 10 months received a full ride scholarship to the local community college, so that was really cool.  We're happy for him.
  • pulled weeds from the front walkway.  If you could have seen it, you would know what a feat this was!  It is not a short walkway.
  • eaten fresh asparagus from the garden, about a month early!

    Mmm, 2012 "spare guts"!
    The skinny ones are 1st time harvest from those plants, they thicken as they get older.  The really thick ones are 5th year harvest.
  • made my first ever batch of dandelion jelly.  It turned out kind of runny (will boil longer next time), but tastes very good; honey-like.  It was really easy to make, next time I'll take photos and write a blog post about how to do it.

Two of my six jars of dandelion jelly.

  • ordered my new couch!  Hooray, new couch (last new couch was in 2000)!  Will be getting it the first weekend in May; we ordered it from DH's friend up north, and will pick it up when we go to dig more pine trees from the cabin to transplant at this little place here.
Hopefully it won't be another seven days before I get a chance to blog again.  I'm about to burst with some news, but I have to wait for the main characters to make it public knowledge before I can speak of it here.  (How's that for a teaser?  LOL.)

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