Monday, May 7, 2012

The Redneck Baby Quilt

That's what I've been working on for about two and a half weeks.  When DS1 broke the news to me about my impending grandmother hood, I asked if it was all right if I made a baby quilt.  He told me yes, but not to be too foo-foo, that his little girl was going to be a country girl. 

So, with that in mind, I made a foray to the fabric store.  I had an idea, and was looking for fabrics to match the country girl theme.  Of course, there would have to be some pink, being for a little girl and all, but it didn't have to be sickly sweet with girlishness.  I was a tomboy, my daughters were tomboys, and a tomboy granddaughter would fit right in.

I came home from my shopping trip with the components of what my daughters have come to refer as the "Redneck Baby Quilt". 

There was solid pink fabric, and a fabric with a white background and a design of pink hearts.  Because even tomboys can have a gentle, feminine side. 

But then there were the fabrics that earned the quilt it's redneck moniker:

The farm animal print for a country girl

The deer print for our future deer hunter girl

The John Deere print,for our future green tractor driving girl

The 'Jesus Fish' print, cuz every little girl needs Jesus

That eclectic mix came together into the Redneck Baby Quilt:

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