Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weight Loss Update

I mentioned back a while ago that I had lost 10% of  myself since school started last September.  Well, with the school year ended and summer here, I'm having to do a lot of shopping for clothes lately.  A frugal trade off: lose weight = need to buy smaller clothes; but lose weight/get in shape = healthier me saving money on food now (eating less and better) and health care in the future. . . or so it should.

Today I did something I haven't done yet this decade, and only the second time I've done it this millennia.  I bought a bathing suit.  See, last weekend, DH, DD1, her boyfriend and I went canoeing and kayaking up north.  My second time in a kayak ever (and I love it, hate canoes, but have found I love kayaks).

It was also the first time this year I've worn my trusty rusty black tankini bathing suit purchased sometime between 2003 and 2005 (it's predecessor was purchased in 1998; see I'm not much for buying new stuff annually).  Said trusty rusty bathing suit is rather loose now.  I was pleased, because last summer it was tight, almost grossly so--and then later, after we were done kayaking and off the river and out of earshot of everyone else, DH told me by bathing suit was too big.  Now, he's not one to notice clothing much, so for him to express this opinion-that my swim suit needed downsizing--was a very big deal. A huge compliment for one thing, and a nudge toward replacing the trusty rusty bathing suit with one that fits better.

So, today I actually went to the store and tried on brand new bathing suits.  I started with one size down from my trusty rusty black tankini circa 2000-something.  And then I went down from there. It took a while to find the size and style that fit me.

Then I battled sticker shock, weighed two different suits on the scale of "they both look good, but do they look good enough to pay this?", and finally chose the winner.  Another tankini, slightly different styling, in black and white this time.  A suit to hopefully last nearly another decade (which makes the price easier to swallow; amortized over 5 years of use, it only cost $10 per year. If I get a whole decade of use, that's only $5 per year).  Given my current weight, I don't think I'll be losing enough weight to make this new swimsuit baggy because I'm within 3 pounds of my goal weight, and within 9 pounds of my 'absolutely no thinner than this" weight.

Oh, and I'm now 15% less than I was last September.  :0)

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