Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Blog Has Not Been Abandoned!

I feel bad that I haven't posted in almost two weeks.  I promise I have not abandoned the blog; just had several things going on, coupled with me being gone from home for about a week. 

In late June, our computer crashed.  Of course this had to coincide with DH being gone on yet another work trip.  Since I am in no way computer savvy, attempts to revive the computer had to wait for him to return and have time to work on it.  Meanwhile, thankfully DD1 had purchased her laptop for college, and I am able at times to 'borrow' it to get online.

Weeds in the garden went nuts with the heat, so I've been spending a lot of time out there pulling weeds.  Aside from the weeds, the garden is doing great.  Here is a picture I took of the corn the week DH was out of town, so I could show him how well it was doing:

That same corn is now about thigh-high on me; compared to not quite mid-calf in June .

Shortly after DH returned from his work trip (and diagnosed the computer as dead, so we will be laptop shopping in the near future), he and I went down to South Carolina for a short vacation, and also to visit DS1, K2 and K3.  K3 has grown a lot in the not quite month since they were here for DD1's graduation; she now weighs over 10 pounds.  I have to say long-distance grandparenting is hard on both DH and my hearts.  Wish we could see her often; right now it looks like we'll have to wait until Christmas time to hold her again.

While in SC, DH & I stayed a few days in Myrtle Beach, where we got to see this while out on a pier:

Yep, that's a real shark, in it's natural habitat.  It was hanging around the pier because there were a bunch of people fishing off it that day; and the shark was looking for a free lunch.  Talking to the locals, we were told the sharks would come into water as shallow as knee-deep.  The next day, DH and I went swimming in the ocean anyway. O_O

The morning following that, we did see a school of sharks out feeding where we had been swimming about 20 hours before!

If I can get ahold of DD1's computer a few times this week, I'll post some garden pics and also a few recipes--I have learned to make refried beans from scratch recently, and it's so easy (and so delicious) I don't think I'll ever buy them in a can again.

So, dear readers, don't give up on me, I'm still at this little place here.  

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