Monday, September 10, 2012

Foggy Mornings

That's what we've been having at this little place here.  Fall is in the air, even if the mid-afternoon temperature is in the upper 80's.  Mornings have been cool and foggy more often than not.

The garden is still going strong, I can't keep up with the harvesting, canning, and weeding too.  But now there is an urgency, the cool nights and morning fogs say that all this production will come to an end soon.  About three weeks from now is when we usually get a couple of hard frosts that put the beans, peppers, tomatoes and other heat-lovers in their graves.  For now, I have to buckle down, and preserve as much as I can before the cool weather comes.  In the winter, I'll appreciate the abundance of the season; right now I'm too busy!

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