Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Did on Labor Day

Most people, I think, spend Labor Day either picnicking with friends and family, or just hanging out at home relaxing and enjoying their day off from work.

At this little place here, we're not most people.  A day off from our normal (ie. paying) jobs, means a day to work at home.  Here's what DH and I did yesterday:

We took the one and a half bushels of Roma tomatoes that were ripe in our garden, (raised organically, at least, as organic as you can get without Uncle Sam's expensive seal of approval) and cooked them down into tomato sauce.  Thirty-five pints of sauce.

And how long, you ask, does it take to make one and a half bushels of tomatoes into thirty five pints of tomato sauce?  Well, in my kitchen, with three large pots on the stove (because I couldn't fit more) and two canners going (once I could take two of the three big pots off) it took eleven and a half hours.

Labor Day?  Yes, we labored.  And now all winter long we can enjoy the fruits, or should I say, sauce, of our labor.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent job! Your sauce looks very yummy :)

    I took the day off from my garden and cleaned the house ;-) But today I'm back at it and have another bunch of veggies to process.