Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Survived the Drive!

LOL.  I reported for jury duty yesterday morning.  Did the early morning commute in the pre-dawn, on the crowded expressway, dealt with the frequent coming on of brake lights, the near-traffic jam (twice), the several hot shots cutting in and out of traffic narrowly missing causing accidents. . .

I arrived downtown a good twenty minutes early.  Thankfully I located the nearest parking garage (with only a minor "oh my gosh, I'm in the far right lane and need to turn left in 20 feet!" incident), maneuvered the Suburban into it--with inches to spare on the roof rack, got a parking spot (first floor!  Yay!), and found the court building with no problem.

From there it was a long wait.  Can't go into details, but I almost made it onto the jury for an armed robbery case.  Almost, because I made it into a chair in the jury box (after two other people had been dismissed from  same chair), went through the questions by judge and both lawyers, then I too was dismissed.  I think, by the time I'd gotten into the jury box, the jury was too heavily loaded with women; they'd all ready dismissed about seven potential jurors for various reasons (knew people involved in case, had heard of case, bias, hard of hearing, etc) and by the time I sat down the jury was looking 70% white female above the age of 30.  Which, to my line of thinking, isn't exactly a jury of your peers when the defendant is a 20-something man of non-Caucasian heritage.

But anyway, I made it to the big city and back.  Now I just have to call in daily after five p.m. for the rest of this week to see if I have to report for a different case on a different day.

In retrospect, I shouldn't have stressed so much. When I looked out my window on Sunday evening (the day I was panicking about jury duty downtown) and saw this:

I should have realized that everything would be fine.  It's not too often you see a double rainbow.  Especially not on a day when you feel like everything is out of control.   What a pertinent reminder that everything really is in control, even when we are overwhelmed.  It may not be the control we want to have over things, but they are in control.  Better control than we are capable of ourselves.

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