Saturday, November 3, 2012

Playin' With Big Girl Toys

Today I spent about four hours "playing" with some big girl toys.  Not toys, really, I'm sure they are technically in the 'heavy equipment' classification, but it sure was a fun way to move about 40 yards of composted horse manure and bedding from the horse farm down the road to this little place here.  Moving 'nure from the horse farm to home has been an annual event, it is what I use for fertilizer in my garden, orchard, and flower beds.  Usually we load up our 16' trailer, which is not enclosed--and so only holds not even 3 yards, make about a dozen trips, and have to unload it by tractor and hand.  That's about a two day process.  Very hard work, very time consuming, very tiring.

This time, however, we sprang for the rental of a 7 yard dump trailer.  Woo boy!  I'm in love!  I told the kids I know what they can buy me for Christmas, LOL.  That trailer made short work of hauling manure (see mention of four hours, above).  And it was fun to use, too.

Using tractor to load composted manure into 7yd trailer.

Me dumping the trailer.
(holding down the 'up' button on the controller, 
such hard, hard work!)

Suburban and trailer in the driving-forward-to-unload-every-last-bit process.

Mmm hmm.  Seven yard dump trailer.  What every woman needs.  :-D  Gotta get me one of them.

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