Wednesday, January 16, 2013


2013's first carton of eggs!  The "girls"  (aka, my hens) apparently now have enough daylight to get back into production mode.  They started last week, with one egg one day.  Then an egg the next day.  Then a different color egg (so, different hen) the third day.  On the fourth day, I found two eggs in the next boxes. The fifth day, only one egg.  Today, which is somewhere around day 8, I found three eggs, and filled my egg carton!

I'm so glad they aren't going to stay dormant all the way into February, as they have in some years.   Last year, for instance,  I had to call all my chicken owning friends in January and early February, and ask if they happened to have any extra eggs they would sell me in order to avoid having to buy the dreaded 'store eggs'.  This year, I definitely won't have to.  This winter my hens slowly dwindled off production, stretching it out until the last egg carton was filled on December 22nd.  Thankfully I had stockpiled eggs all fall, changing to using egg substitutions in recipes and 'real' eggs just for breakfast, so I never actually ran out of homegrown eggs.  I was down to my last dozen and a half when that first egg of the year appeared last week, though, and was getting nervous.  Now I can breathe easy.

Oh happy day!  A full egg carton and sunshine, and I'm saying life is good.

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