Friday, January 18, 2013

We Progress to a Knitting Project!

Knitting lesson #3 was last night.  No new stitches, but a real honest to goodness project to make.  Scary stuff!

Actually, it isn't as hard as we thought when the instructor first told us what we were to do.  We are making those ruffly scarves that are so popular right now.  And using some pretty funky yarn.  It looks like the yarn itself is crocheted out of thin threads.

This is the skein:

(I decided to do pink and send the finished scarf to K2 for her birthday in a few weeks.  Pink is her favorite color.)

This is what the yarn looks like when you spread it out like the instructor told us to do:

At which point we looked at her like "what??????  How are we supposed to work with this???"

Actually, it is really easy to work with.  You use the loops at the bottom of the yarn.  They spread apart really easily.  As you knit, it is the width of the yarn that makes the ruffle.  

Super easy, just 6 stitches per row, all knit stitches.  After an hour of knitting, this is what mine looks like so far:

I can foresee this being done in a few more hours.  Price at the yarn store to purchase a made scarf identical to this:  $12.  Price on the internet (yeah, I looked, for my own frugal reference): $12-$20 or so.  Price of my skein of yarn last night: $5.99 less my 15% student discount.

Let's see, I can watch tv at night with DH, and knit while I'm doing that, and make a scarf in two nights or so.  Hmmm. . . 

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