Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Sign We're Not "Normal"

I'm going to show you some pictures from Valentines Day at this little place here.  See if you can find the one that doesn't quite belong when you think of love.

Heart Shaped Pizzas


Heart Shaped Angel Food Cake

Tax Forms

Hmmm.  Which of these things is not like the other?

That was my and DH's Valentine's Day evening together.  I made the dessert, I made the Valentine's Day pizzas.  He discovered that the form we've been waiting for the IRS to make available (the one where you claim college tuition) was finally online.  So we ate dinner.  We did our taxes.  We ate cake.

What do taxes have to do with love?  Well, our two college kids can't file their FAFSAs for next year until the IRS has my and DH's 2012 tax return in their system.  The FAFSA has a deadline in March.  DH has several business trips to make between now and the beginning of March.  We want the kids to get as much federal aid as possible, because we love them and want them to have as low of educational loans as possible.  So, with the form finally being available, and with DH actually being home so we could work on it, we made the most of the opportunity.

Perhaps we've been married too long, if the highlight of our Valentine's Day was getting our taxes completed!

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