Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today in Pictures

Before dawn, everything was blue.  We got about three inches of snow between five p.m. and seven a.m, when these pictures were taken.


The snow plow had been out on the major road (the "milk route"), but not my road yet when I left to go feed at the horse farm.  But that was fine with me, and the other neighbors who have four wheel drive.  Just follow the tracks and keep it between the ditches.  :0)

A surprise awaited me in the horse barn.  This guy had apparently taken shelter from the storm, and was totally surprised to see me walk in the barn at dawn.  He ran down the barn aisle, to the other end, where he discovered he couldn't get out under that door.  So he climbed the wall and tried to hide up by the rafters in the ceiling.


If I were at home, I would have gotten out the .22, or at least the live trap.  But, I wasn't, and the rules are a little different at the horse farm.  So, when I was done feeding I just left the barn door cracked open and let him go.

Back at home, the air was warming up, and the snow evaporating.  A fog was forming over the field.

And my foot was hurting.  The one that got tromped on yesterday by one of my horses.  It's got some interesting bruises on it today.  Sorry for the ugly foot picture, but I wanted to show off the bruising on my next to smallest toe. It's actually a much deeper purple than what the camera captured, and goes between my toes too.  There is also a bruise on the side of my foot, which doesn't really hurt.  At least, not as much as the toe does.

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