Tuesday, October 22, 2013


DH took a buck with his crossbow yesterday evening.
8 pt, dressed out at 170 pounds.
We have red meat!

Just one basket of the approximate bushel I harvested off our Granny Smith apple tree yesterday.

Many of the Granny Smiths were quite large, like this one.
They will go in the cellar to store as fresh eating apples this winter.
My Cortlands became apple sauce, 
and my McIntoshes were sliced for pies and put into the freezer.

Yesterday was also the harvesting of all that cabbage that was left in the garden.
These are just four of several dozen heads.
Sauerkraut and cabbage rolls,
here we come!

Copra onions cleaned, and ready for storage.

It is often easy to get overwhelmed in the day to day work of growing and providing your own food.  But boy, what a blessing it is to have naturally grown, nutritious, and sustaining fare for my family.

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