Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just One

Just one kitten left now.  The orange one died on Sunday.  So the black and white one is a lonely only.

Good news is that he has gained two ounces, eats very well, and is hitting developmental milestones.  Of the three nearly dead kittens that I brought into the house one week ago this morning, he has always been the strongest.

Last Tuesday morning, he could raise his head and it was his loud crying that caused me to discover that mama barn cat had abandoned her kittens.  Last Tuesday evening, he could scoot around somewhat, but still not strong enough to stand.  He needed help going potty (using a warm wet wash cloth to simulate a mother cat cleaning under the baby's tail was the only way to get any of the kittens to eliminate or urinate.)

Well, today, this Tuesday, he not only stands, he runs. He potties all by himself, sometimes on people, sometimes on my floor.  This morning I saw him try to stand on just hind legs so he could get a better view of my kitchen cabinets.  He is trying to figure out how to jump.  He climbs pant legs.  He climbs right up to your shoulder, puts his little body against your neck and purrs.  He snuggles.  He is starting to wash himself, and lick people too.  Yesterday he attempted to play with me as if I were another cat.  At feeding time, he attacks his food dish with gusto.

All good signs.  All hopeful signs that this one will survive.  I'm almost confident enough in his survival to start looking for a new home for him.  An indoor one, where people want to have a snuggly cat that is going to be very bonded to people.

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