Thursday, October 17, 2013

The New Fragrance For Men

The weather has turned cold and wet at this little place here.  Cold enough that last night, DH broke down and lit a fire in the wood boiler.  We have heat!!  It had only gotten down to about 64 degrees in the house, but the temperature outside was falling into the 40's, the wind was picking up, and the extended forecast doesn't call for any type of weather that would give us passive solar heating to keep the indoor temps comfortable.  From past experience, I knew that waiting another 24 to 36 hours would bring the temperature in the house down to somewhere around the mid- to upper-50s.  And that's just not warm enough.  Especially when it takes a good 12-18 hours from the time we light a fire, therefore turning on our hydronic radiant heat system, for the house to reach target temperature.

So, at the pleading of the females in the home (OK, I told him we were just about out of bread and if we didn't light a fire that today the house would be too cold for bread dough to rise), DH went out and lit the fire for the first time this season.  A whole ten days later than last year.  Ten days is a big deal when you're talking heating bills.  Not that we have a heating bill, per se, since all our wood comes free from our property or that of people we know, but ten days of being warm without effort or cash output is pretty cool.

A funny thing happened when DH returned to the house once the boiler was stoked and burning well.  He walked into the kitchen, past where I was cooking dinner.  I caught the scent of wood smoke as he walked by.

"You smell good," I purred, moving closer.  Had he not been bent over the kitchen sink, washing his hands, I would have given him a kiss.

Seconds later, DD2 popped her head into the kitchen.  "Do I smell smoke?" she asked, with a smile on her face.

From the living room you could hear DD1, who was in the midst of taking an essay test online for one of her college courses, say "Mmmmm."

I looked at DH and laughed.  "You ought to bottle that, and sell it as cologne."  I told him.  "You'd be rich."

Wood Smoke.  The fragrance for the rugged man.  Guaranteed to attract women.  Well, guaranteed to attract country women, anyway.  I can't speak for the effectiveness on them city-types.  ;0)

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