Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yesterday after work, I spent the afternoon doing some sewing.  I worked up a couple of Christmas gifts: the his n' hers aprons I was planning for DS1 and K2.

His is a pretty plain apron pattern, cut straight and with straps that tie behind the neck and at the waist.  Hers is a more feminine pattern, with gathered skirt, bodice that is cut to fit over the bosom; and a tie that goes over the head, then through a pair of casings in the arm area, and out to tie around the waist.

I love how the aprons turned out, and really hope that they like them too.

In fact, I like them so much that I went ahead and sewed up an apron for DD1 also, out of a zigzag fabric I had bought last summer after she admired it while we were fabric shopping for something else.

It is hard to see the colors in the photo of the finished apron.  The fabric itself is purple, black, light blue, and white.

DD2 caught me in the act of making the camo ones, and judging by the way she enthused over them, I suspect she would like an apron also.  I know that I'm all ready thinking of sewing myself a new one (the last apron I made myself is now about 14 years old and looking pretty well worn). 

And maybe DS2 would like an apron. . . he does like to cook and since leaving the college dorm for off-campus housing tends to be the house cook no matter whom his housemates are. They all seem to figure out that his cooking is better and more filling than fast food and have offered to cover his share of the grocery bill if he will cook dinner for everyone in the house several nights a week.

This may turn out to be the Christmas of The Aprons, LOL.

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