Friday, January 17, 2014

Challenge #2 Pantry Raid

This week's challenge may or may not be something everyone can do.  It shouldn't take long, but I'm aware that not everyone will have unintentional food in their home.

Here's the challenge: Look in your pantry, cabinets, etc, and see if there is any unexpired food that you know just is not going to get eaten by the residents of your home.  Then donate it to the local food bank.

Doesn't matter how it got in your house, what matters is that, truthfully, you know nobody is going to eat it.

Maybe you bought it during a fit of good intentions to eat healthier, and, well, months (or years) later it still sits in the cupboard untouched.

Maybe someone gave it to you.  My mother-in-law tends to periodically give us a box of miscellaneous food and it doesn't always contain things we eat.  Some of it has ingredients one or more of us are allergic to.  Some of it is stuff we don't like (we'd have to be pretty starved to eat canned fruit cocktail, and, well, as long as we have a garden and game running around in the woods, we're not going to reach that point of starvation).

Maybe you bought a case of it when it was on sale, and you are down to the last two cans (or boxes) and are just sick to death of eating it.

Maybe you had no idea it was in your house and have no clue where it came from.  It happens, especially is you share your house with others.

What matters is that you aren't going to eat it before it goes bad.  Someone else could.  Take it to the food bank, even if it is one can of fruit cocktail, or one box of yucky 'healthy' crackers.

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