Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Sewing Going On

In addition to finishing a UFO, I've been working on a mystery table runner since the 17th.  I did my first 'mystery quilt' last winter, and it was such fun that I've kept my eye out for more mysteries that might fit into my schedule.  With it being winter and no garden to tend to, my schedule is a bit more open for sewing right about now.

When I heard of this upcoming mystery table runner, it fit right into what I was looking for.  I'd been wanting to make a few table runners, you see, and to have a mystery one was just too much fun to pass up on a cold and snowy week in January.

To make it economical, I decided to limit myself to only fabrics in my stash--no new purchases!  That actually made it quite challenging, because I not only had to use stuff I all ready own, I had to find 4 coordinating fabrics that not only went with my dining room color, but were in large enough pieces (I tend to save even small strips, you never know when you'll need a 2" wide piece for some bias tape. . . or a string quilt. . . ).

I did find four fabrics that worked, plus a fifth that I really really wanted to actually be one of the four for the top side of the runner but it didn't fit as well with the other fabrics I found.  I ended up using it as backing though, so that worked out perfectly.  Now my runner is reversible, since I love the backing fabric so much!

Anyway, here is what my finished mystery turned out to be. I added a few extra blocks from what the instructions called for in order to extend it to better fit my table, which is 72" long without its leaf.  It isn't the kind of table runner that hangs off the ends, rather I wanted it to be something you could leave on the table and still have room to set dishes for eating off of.  I can put serving dishes on it if I wish, and they don't contain anything that might stain the runner if things drip.


close up of top


close up of back

Not only was it fun to do, and make my dining room a little dressier, it has given me an idea for a birthday or Christmas gift for a few ladies I know. . .  

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