Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Do We Eat?

The vast majority of this week's posts have been focused on food.  Guess I'm on a roll. (*groan* a food pun, even!) So, what do we eat at this little place here if I'm not buying anything that comes in a box?  (Not true, by the way, powdered milk comes in a box.  Saltines come in a box.  Granola bars come in a box.  Pasta comes in a box--I didn't buy any pasta this month, cuz I still have a lot from my last stock up when it was 99 cents a box. . .  Which reminds me of one of my frugal tenets:  buy a lot when on sale; enough to get you through until the next sale.)

I gave you quite a few of the things we eat in my post Cooking Ahead, without actually naming them on a menu.  Now, to the best of my recollection, here are three weeks' worth of  actual dinners at this little place here.  Everything is pretty much from scratch, keeping in mind I don't (yet) make hot dogs or pepperoni myself.  Although now that we have a sausage stuffer, that day is definitely coming.

Sunday: cabbage & sausage casserole (homemade polish sausage)
Monday: chicken enchiladas
Tuesday: pizza calzones
Wednesday: potato soup w/fresh baked bread
Thursday: chili mac and applesauce
Friday: venison steak w/sauteed onions & mushrooms, salad, french fries
Saturday: hot dogs & brats, twice baked potatoes, dill pickles

Sunday: venison loin steaks over brown rice, sauteed onions & peppers
Monday: BBQ pork over boiled potatoes, corn
Tuesday: chicken noodle soup (used fettucini noodles, broken into thirds; sometimes I use wide egg noodles)
Wednesday: pork quesadillas, Spanish rice, refried beans, applesauce
Thursday: pasties
Friday: lasagna with garlic bread
Saturday: ham, fried onions & potatoes

Sunday: taco dip with tortilla chips (light dinner, had been to a funeral in the early afternoon and ate at the after-funeral meal) (note #2: my taco dip is taco meat, refried beans, shredded colby jack cheese, salsa, lettuce and sour cream)
Monday: venison stroganoff, green beans
Tuesday: potato soup (again--gotta use up those potatoes in the cellar!)
Wednesday: hamburgers on the grill (it was over 40 degrees outside, what can I say??), with sauteed onions & mushrooms, blue cheese, dill pickles, baked beans and french fries (using up them potatoes. . . )
Thursday: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, corn
Friday: venison steak, boiled potatoes, florentine blend veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)
Saturday:  chicken pot pie

What about breakfasts, you ask.  Well, breakfasts are usually pretty quick things, with maybe something more time consuming on a Saturday morning.  In Cooking Ahead, I talked about many different flavors of quick breads being an easy breakfast.

Typical breakfasts are any one of the following:
granola, fried eggs, scrambled eggs (with onions & cheese!), banana muffins, apple coffee cake, omelets, bagels & cream cheese, blueberry & cream cheese coffee cake, sour cream chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin muffins, strawberry muffins (in June), blueberry muffins, apple cinnamon muffins, pancakes, french toast, waffles, any flavor of quick bread. . .

Lunches are by and large leftovers from dinner.  You know: chili, chicken soup, spaghetti, pizza, extra pasties or calzones (that were wrapped in foil and put in the freezer just for lunchboxes).  Occasionally a sandwich like: hot ham & cheese, pb & blueberry j (or cherry, or strawberry, or peach, or pear or blackberry), or a tuna melt.  From time to time DH likes to just have pickled veggies (hot peppers, usually), summer sausage, cheese and crackers packed in his lunchbox.

Can't forget desserts.  We don't have dessert every night, usually just two or three per week.  In the past few weeks we've had:  lemon squares, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, ice cream w/caramel sauce, chocolate pudding, apple pie, no bake cookies, kiwi squares, walnut brownies, homemade chocolate heart candies (Valentine's Day), chocolate chip cookies.

Snacks are usually fruit, veggies like carrots and celery, nuts, or cheese and crackers.

As far as meat goes, the majority of our meat is venison, followed by chicken, then pork, then turkey, then beef.  Usually home raised, very rarely from the store.

There you have it.  What we eat at this little place here.

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