Friday, March 21, 2014

Challenge #11: For The Birds

A whole lot of migratory birds have begun showing up at this little place here this week: robins, kildeer, hordes of starlings, sandhill cranes, even a few early turkey buzzards.

In lieu of that fact, and knowing that even more birds will be arriving in the next few weeks, this week's challenge is dedicated to the avian population.

Here's the challenge:  Help the birds.

If you are inclined to feed them, make sure your feeders are clean and in working order.  Then fill them up.

Personally, I don't feed the birds.  I used to, but it seemed to attract more aggressive feeders that didn't need help, than birds that were short on natural food supply.  So I stopped.  Interestingly enough, after a year or so of not feeding the birds, I noticed an increase in the number and variety of birds around this little place here, all finding natural food sources.

So, I won't be helping the birds by feeding them.  Instead, I am going to help by providing some nesting material.

Nesting material is mostly the stuff you were going to toss in the trash anyway: animal hair that has been shed (such as horse or dog), lint from the filter on your dryer, stray pieces of yarn or thread from needlework projects, maybe the odd bit of twine or string that showed up in your home somehow.

Those little bits and clumps can be put into a mesh bag, such as an onion bag or orange bag, and tied outside somewhere for the birds.  They will find it after a day or two, and pluck their choice bits from what you have supplied, to use to construct or line their nests.

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