Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Big Picture

This week has been a toughie, and it's not even over with yet!  DH has been out of town on a work trip, the Suburban started making a strange and horrible noise and throwing codes so had to go to the repair shop, both of the cars the daughters drive are acting up, we all have places to be at overlapping times in different towns and coordinating vehicles between drivers is a feat. . . Not to mention the worry of 'what if' one of the cars decides to become incapacitated at some inopportune moment nowhere near home.  What if it does so with a teenaged driver?

Stress, stress, stress!!

But you know what?  It's really all little stuff.  Minor inconveniences.  Truly, it is.

For in the Big Picture, today is Ash Wednesday.  A reminder that my life is not so awful.  After all, my sins are forgiven.  Jesus suffered for them, He took them away, and continues to take them away even as I continue to fall into more sin with my weak human nature.

In the Big Picture, having to deal with single parenting and running the homestead while DH is away is just a minor inconvenience.  Having vehicles crap out on you, well, that's nothing, really, when you compare spending eternity in Hell.  My challenges, they are nothing compared to what Jesus went through for me, and for you, on the cross at Calvary.

Because of what He did for us, all the problems we face here on earth are just the Little Picture.  We get to leave them all behind someday, when we join Him in Heaven.

Focus on the Big Picture, and the Little Picture isn't so miserable after all.

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