Friday, April 25, 2014

Challenge #16: More Spring Cleaning

It's not summer yet, so don't stop with the spring cleaning!  This week's challenge is inspired by the used love seat DD1 found on craigslist recently.  For a mere $20, she has a piece of furniture that is actually in very nice condition and should fit easily into her apartment come August when she transfers to a college on the west side of the state.

When her future mother-in-law (we pretty much refer to her as that; DD1 has been dating this woman's son for going on 3 years now, with a nebulous wedding date of 'after we finish college') heard about the bargain mini-couch, she offered DD1 the use of her steam vac to clean it with.

Which happened to be a happy coincidence, as I had been thinking we should probably rent a rug shampooer/steam vac for the same purpose.  Plus, it's been a few years (okay, ten--time gets away from me and I don't have any carpeting to clean) since I shampooed any of my own furniture.

So when this wonderful lady offered the use of her steam cleaning machine for no charge, we jumped at the chance.  DD1 thoroughly cleaned her newfound love seat, then I cleaned my couches while I had the opportunity.

After that, we cleaned the steam vac very well, and returned it to it's owner, along with a nice dessert we'd baked as a thank you.

This week, I challenge you to get a hold of a rug shampooer or a steam vac, whatever you call it, and clean your furniture.  If you have carpeted floors, do those too while you're at it.  You'll be amazed at how much dirt is hiding in your couch cushions.

Either wrack your brain to think of someone you know (a mother-in-law, perhaps?) that owns one and would be willing to loan it to you--free, or for a small fee, or even a cheesecake!  Or get online and see where you can rent one locally.  I had found several places within about 25 miles of this little place here that rent them for $25-$30 for a day (as you can see, homemade cheesecake was more frugal than renting, and continued to strengthen a good relationship).

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