Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday, In Pictures

I went to the auction again, and bought more straw.
I think I have about enough now to mulch the garden this season.

DH tilled the garden.

I started cleaning up the strawberry bed and mulching (with straw) between the rows.

Cascade hops (on the south side of the house) are up about a foot.  
Time to get in and thin them out. 
Darn things grow so fast; they weren't above ground yet on Monday!

First tulip to bloom for 2014.

Hyacinths turning their heads to the late afternoon sun.
(Doesn't that oak bark mulch look awesome in the flowerbed? Yes, I'm proud of all the weeding and mulching I did last weekend & on Monday)

The farmer came and turned the field today.

plowing. . . 

Front field (about 2 acres) all freshly plowed.

DH and I ate 1/2 of a homemade pizza for dinner. 
(Neither of the girls were home.)
Which means the other half will be a lunch or two next week.

After dinner, DH headed out to the woods with the tractor and chainsaw.
Got more wood to cut.  Haven't cleaned up all the blow downs yet.

The roses DD1 bought DD2 for opening night of the high school's spring play.

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