Friday, May 30, 2014

Challenge #21: Mend Something

I confess, my mending basket is overflowing, and some of the items in there one or the other of my daughters has outgrown since the day she put it into the basket to be repaired.  Oops.  Definitely time for me to grab that basket, my needles and thread, the button jar, and actually make those items in the basket wearable again.  Not to mention the fact that DS2 brought me a flannel shirt down from the U.P. that needs two buttons sewn back on, before August, when his summer internship in Detroit ends and he gladly heads back to the semi-wilderness of the Keweenaw Peninsula for his last year of college.

How about you?  Do you have a mending basket?  Or just a shirt that is missing a button?  A pair of shorts from last summer that needs a button or zipper replaced before you can wear them this season?  A skirt with a slight tear that you can fix, that will be hidden in the fullness of the skirt thus making it wearable to work or church again?

Maybe you don't have any clothing in need of mending. (How jealous am I!!) What about a broken knick-knack or a mug that lost it's handle and is awaiting some super glue?  Or a favorite book with loose pages in need of some book tape?  A toy that needs a minor repair before being chucked back into the toy box?

Whatever it is, now's the time to give it a little attention and TLC to return it to serviceable condition.  Shouldn't take you very long.  Well, unless it's a big basket like mine, that has a few year's worth of accumulation of 'quick fixes' to deal with.

What are you waiting for? (What am I waiting for?) Mend something!

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