Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Special Guest

I haven't posted much lately. I even missed posting a Challenge last Friday. That is because DH and I made an out of state trip to see DS2 compete in Nationals with his Concrete Canoe team (they came in 8th Overall), and while we were there, DS1, K2 and K3 traveled to meet us.  It was great to see them all, and even better to bring K3 back to Michigan with us for a visit.

Which means, however, that this Grandma is on two-year-old patrol from the time I get up in the morning until about an hour or two before I go to bed at night.  And that blessed hour (or if I'm lucky, two!) with a sleeping toddler is spent getting the house cleaned up before my blonde whirlwind wakes up and blows through it again.

Honestly, though, we are having a lot of fun.  It's been 14 years since I had a 'round-the-clock two-year-old shadow.  I'm not getting a heck of a whole lot done around the homestead (oh, the weeds in the garden!!), but I'm coloring, and playing ball, splashing in puddles, reading old favorite books, giving concerts of not-yet-forgotten children's songs (thanks, Raffi, for burning them into my brain so well), watching the ducks and geese and turkeys and chickens, even making a trip through the grocery store with a passenger in my cart (and neither one of us cried).  I also have a chef's helper.  And a reminder not to leave the butter dish uncovered if I turn my back for a minute.

K3 will be with us for about another week, then it will be time to go home to SC and greet her baby brother when he makes his entrance into the world.

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