Thursday, July 10, 2014

And Then She Threw Up On The Computer. . .

Which is why you haven't heard from me in almost two weeks.  Having K3 here for a visit was a blast, pictures and posts about that coming soon, but unfortunately there was one day where she had a sour stomach and DD2 had the laptop out on the couch.  I'll spare you the gross details and the lecture DD2 got about not being on the computer when she was supposed to be minding K3 while I cooked dinner.  But the computer ended up in the repair shop while we all went down to South Carolina to welcome Toad into the world.

Posts about him coming soon too, I promise.  I have a ton of catching up to do at home (garden, flowerbeds, hay to make if the weather ever cooperates), and it appears the new keyboard on the laptop (just retrieved from the repair shop yesterday afternoon) isn't working right--no numbers and an intermittent space bar--so it will have to go back today for more fixing.

Meanwhile, please be patient and keep checking back.  I have not abandoned this blog!  I'm just a low-tech lady with one laptop to share and no smartphone (I'm too cheap to pay for data; I still believe a phone is for talking on and a computer is for getting on the internet, no sense paying a monthly bill for data on a phone and wireless internet for the house, especially when the data plan for one phone is almost as much per month as the internet access for the house).  In other words, while the computer is incapacitated, you will not see any new posts from me.

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