Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not Much To Say, Lots of Pictures

I had intended to write interesting posts this week, but, well, as you can see, that hasn't happened.  Still trying to catch up on weeding the garden after being gone to South Carolina earlier in the month.  Also trying to get ready for DH's family reunion, which we are hosting this year. (Just a little affair, you know, about 80 people or so! Many of whom will stay overnight.)  Might have a post about that once it's over.  Plus, DH has worked some long days this week, two at over 13 hours each and one at eleven hours, so a whole bunch of the final reunion prep stuff has fallen to me.

So, instead of interesting reading, you get a bunch of pictures to look at.


The west end.

The east end, before weeding.

The east end after about 5 hours weeding.
And so many more to go.

The round zucchini that became chocolate zucchini cake
the basil that became pesto.

Bush beans are ready!

First basket of beans;
blend of Contender, Golden Wax, Royal Burgundy 
(and Dragon's Tongue, which is not visible in picture)

Two double rows of onions:
Copra, Red Zeppelin and Ringmaster.


Bachelor's Buttons
(on edge of garden; still needing weeded)

(mostly weeded)

Balloon Flower, 
a member of the Campanula family.

finally grown from seed!


The geese.

This one snuck up on me while I was 
laying on my belly getting the picture of the balloon flower.

Washing dishes last night, I heard a racket on the front porch. 
I looked up to see this.
Darn turkey.

And then this!
(and boy, I need to wash the kitchen windows before people arrive for the reunion!)

This week the ducks, geese, and turkeys have developed an affinity for 'helping' me weed.  Actually, I weed, and they get their heads right down in the way, waiting for any bugs or worms that I shake out of the weeds in my hands.  It's kind of a strange feeling, having your face less than a foot away from a bunch of beaks.  A living on the edge sort of feeling, like you are just begging for something bad to happen.  So far, they've only nibbled my toes and haven't gone for my eyes yet!

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