Friday, August 1, 2014

Challenge #27: Get Your Butt in a Boat

Mostly, this is a challenge from myself, to myself.  I have not yet been in my kayak this year, and here it is the beginning of August all ready.  Here in Michigan, August is pretty much the end of canoeing and kayaking season, because the water (and the weather) tend to take a turn to the cold side in September.  And for me, personally, September is looking pretty booked; too booked to head out with at least one other person (never canoe/kayak alone, just in case something bad happens out on the water), for a float. So, it's now or never, as far as me and my kayak spending some quality time together goes.

How about you? Do you have a boat (canoe, kayak, rowboat, motorboat, etc) that has been neglected this season?  Or, do you happen to be one of those lucky people who has a friend with a boat that they keep inviting you to go on, and you keep turning them down because, well, honestly, you don't really have a good reason for turning them down?  Or, is there a boat (canoe, kayak, etc) rental place in your general vicinity--within an hour or so--that you could acquire the use of a boat from?

Honestly, we've never rented boats, so I have no idea what they cost per hour, or day, or however that goes. But I'm guessing it wouldn't be a whole lot more than what a fast food dinner for the family costs. Or a few hours at the movie theater.  And what would create more long last memories of a good time:  renting a canoe for an afternoon, or taking the family out to a burger joint or the latest cinematic release (that you could watch, for free or nearly so, once it comes out on video)?

Get your butt in a boat.

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