Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yarn Along 5: Early Frost

This morning I was up before dawn, loading all the meat chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese into cages (dog crates, both mine and a friend's borrowed for the task) in the back of the pick-up so they could make their trip to freezer camp.  The local processor is only about 15 miles down the road, but they only take in birds from 7-8 a.m.  You make an appointment for a particular day, but once you get there, you have to wait in line to unload your birds.  Since I am supposed to be feeding horses down at the horse farm no later than 8 a.m., I needed to get to the processor before 7:00, early enough to be one of the first to unload.

I knew it was a chilly morning; I had on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and even a jacket on top of that.  I didn't, however, realize how cold the temperature was until I got to the horse farm and began the morning feed ritual; which included driving out to check on the horses living on pasture (eating all grass--not yet needing hay since it was such a cool and wet summer they never ran out of pasturage.  This has got to be a first in at least 20 years that they didn't need supplemental hay by the end of August) once the dry-lotted horses had been given their breakfast hay.

It was while driving out to the pastures, with the rising eastern sun warming up the left side of my body, that I noticed this:

 and this:

FROST!!! We had a frost last night!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, dramatics over.  It's just that September 17th is a bit early for frost at this little place here, and I was totally caught unprepared.  Luckily it looks like it was patchy, after all, there was none on the truck windshield when I started it up at o'dark-thirty to drive it to the various bird pens for loading, so hopefully the damage in my garden won't be too bad.  I shall have to go see after I finish linking up to  Ginny and the Yarn Along.

Switching focus from growing/raising my own food to what progress I've made in knitting endeavors since last week's yarn along post.

I finished K3's hood a few days ago, and decided I needed to make a little hat for her brother, Toad.  Since he's still so young (not even officially 2.5 months old yet!), I used some scrap yarn I had, and this pattern.

K3's hood looks gigantic in comparison.  I made it in the child size, based on her head measurement in June (while she was here with us for a week and a half) being right on the toddler size given by the pattern and I want her to be able to wear the hood for more than just this fall/winter.  Plus, it's supposed to be roomy, not tight like a hat.  Toad's hat I don't expect him to wear two chilly seasons in a row, being as babies grow so dang much in just a few months.  

I'm still working on sock #2 of Mom's Christmas socks.  I am about halfway done with the leg.

The September KAL dishcloth is half-done also. Looks like the design is a barn or cottage with a fence next to it.

Reading-wise, I did finish The River by Beverly Lewis before it was due back to the library.  It was close though; I was shutting the book and hopping in the car to return it just half an hour before the library closed that day!   I have not yet started another book as I kind of needed to catch up on some stuff I didn't do during my reading marathon.  (Please tell me I'm not the only person this happens to from time to time!)

What are you reading and knitting this week?

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