Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yarn Along 6: Knittin' and Kittens

It's Wednesday!  Time to join in with Ginny at Small Things for the weekly Yarn Along.

I'm not sure if I knitted as much in the past week as I wanted to or not. . .  Mom's Christmas Sock #2 isn't as close to being done as I had hoped; yet I knit another baby hat for Toad, and am halfway done with one for K3. So it's kind of hard to judge if I just didn't have as much time to devote to knitting, or if I spent that time on hats instead of socks.  Oh well.  The sock will definitely be done by next week, so I can start on my planned pair of Christmas socks for October on time (the ones mentioned here for DS2) .

As you can see, I have turned the heel on Mom's sock and am about 1/3 of the way down the foot.  Just a few more hours to go!

To the left in the above picture is the hat I am making for K3, out of some scrap yarn I had from making DD1 a hat last Christmas.  I made Toad's second hat and K3's hat using the baby and toddler sizes of Barley hat off of Ravelry.  I'm thinking to make K2 and DS1 their own 'matching' Barley hats too.  Well, matching as in same pattern, different colors and sizes.  Being a South Carolina girl, K2 is beginning to freak out a bit at the idea of moving up here and living through Michigan winters.  We'll have to keep her especially warm this first one. ;0)

The KAL dishcloth is wrapping up.  Apparently the building is a schoolhouse, as the last few days the words "Back To" are becoming apparent in the design. Fitting for a September KAL.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I bet another reason I haven't gotten as much done on that sock this week as I'd hoped to is because of these two:

Double Trouble.  They are growing well, having progressed to being able to 'eat' kitten formula from a dish instead of the bottle they arrived with.  I have begun to introduce very soupy kitten chow (soaked to mush in water, then powdered formula mixed in) in the last couple of days.  They also are able to go potty on their own now, and took to using the litter box like ducks to water.  Hooray!

With all their growing and gaining in abilities, they now spend a few hours a day playing, climbing furniture, and getting into my knitting!  Sometimes it's playing with the yarn as I knit, sometimes it's biting at the needles, and sometimes it's just plain wrestling!

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  1. adorable kittens! I'd let them interfere with my knitting too!