Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leaves, Corn, and Geese

The leaves on the trees are starting to change at this little place here.

 The corn fields are that dry pale yellow/brown color.

 Other corn fields are empty of stalks now that the dairy farmers have chopped that corn for silage.

Canadian geese are flocking up, and beginning to migrate.

I think, first they migrate here from further north.  Then, after a while, they migrate on southward.  Right now, anyway, we have an abundance of geese.  Most days you can see them flying in dark ribbons across the sky.

Since the corn field just north of this little place here got chopped almost two weeks ago, the geese have been gathering nightly to feast on whatever the chopper missed.  It's not unusual to see groups of geese flying toward that field in the evening. In the mornings, there are over a hundred geese out among the corn stubble.

October is the change; the time when the garden and the fields finish for the year and begin their winter's rest.  The birds mostly disappear-- one day there are noisy flocks on lawns and fields and in trees, and the next there is silence.  The sun, too, seems to leave us, as cool overcast days begin to outnumber sunny skies.  Soon it will be time to light the fire in the wood boiler and bring heat into the house.  Soon; but not yet.  So far the house has been able to stay at comfortable levels on it's own with sunny warm days being evenly interspersed with cooler rainier weather.

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