Friday, November 28, 2014

Challenge #41: Use Up That Turkey!

It's the day after Thanksgiving.  What's in your fridge?  Leftovers?

I'm betting more than a few of us have turkey in our fridge.  Several pounds of it.  So, what do you do?

Well, if you are like my mother in law (yes, I'm going to slam her today), you just drag it out, meal after meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, until it's gone.  The same blasted turkey, reheated over and over and over until the last (very dried out by now) morsel is gone.

That has never been my style.  While I do eat leftovers quite willingly, I have a bit of trouble choking down leftover meat. In my opinion, it's just never as good the second time.

Which is why, when I have meat left from a meal, I plan to use it in another meal that is totally different.  So, at this little place here, we never have turkey, turkey, turkey, in the days after Thanksgiving, just drug out of the fridge and microwaved until we can't stand it any longer.

Nope.  Tonight we are having turkey noodle soup (mainly because it can simmer while I am out hunting later this afternoon, and be ready to eat when all us hunters come in from the woods.)  Another meal, not necessarily even tomorrow, will be turkey pot pie.  Turkey sandwiches for lunches for those who like that sort of thing (not me--I'm picky).   Then, if there is any turkey left after that, the rest might be put into baggies holding 2-3 cups diced turkey and stuck in the freezer for meals next month.  Or, if there's only a few cups left, and we're not totally sick of turkey by then, we might have turkey tetrazzini on Monday.

Come to think of it, Monday would be an excellent time to make turkey tetrazzini; DD2's cheer/football banquet is Monday and I am supposed to bring a dish to pass.  It's a done deal. Turkey tetrazzini on Monday.  :0)

Get creative.  Use up that turkey.  Just not exactly the same way you ate it yesterday.

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