Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sometimes I Can't

I did not post a challenge on Friday.  After the previous week's challenge about focusing, and doing what you need to do, it's really been bugging me that I did not blog on Friday and put up a weekly challenge.  I mean, how lame is that?  I couldn't even follow through on my own challenge.

But sometimes I can't.  Sometimes I hit the wall; there is just too much being thrown at me by life, by other people, by the weather, by the season, etc.  Sometimes it's all I can do to get up, make meals, go to work, be nice to the people I run into throughout my day.  Sometimes I really, really, just want to hibernate and pretend no one exists except for me.  But I can't, and so I slog along at bare-minimum mode for a little while.

Right now, work and hunting and eating are my three must-do items each day.  Deer season is not a recreational activity so much as it is a long two week haul of trying to get as much red meat in the freezer for the next year as possible.  Sort of like sap season in the early spring, when you make syrup or don't get any at all.  Sort of like the gardening/canning season where you plant and weed and water and harvest and preserve, or you miss out on a whole lot of good wholesome food for a little money.  Deer season is my two-week window to get lean red meat for the mere cost of a license and a shotgun shell.

Yes, I do get some quiet time in the woods during deer season, like I mentioned last week in a post or two.  But to be brutally honest, deer season is damn exhausting.  I have to do my job outside the home, I have to do my job inside the home (cooking, laundry, bill paying, being Mom, etc) AND I have to sit in the woods during as many daylight hours as possible in fifteen days.

Right now, it's the second week of deer season.  I'm whupped.  I'm ready for it to be over, yet I have no venison in my freezer.  I want venison.  I need venison, not just for the nutrition, but also for my budget (go price 60 pounds of lean beef burger, roasts, and steaks and see how much money that costs--way more than the pennies per pound one dead deer costs me).

Right now, I want to work on Christmas presents.  I want to sew.  I want to quilt.  I want to knit. I want to paint and craft.  I want to sleep in on the weekend.  I want to sit down and do a jigsaw puzzle. I want to write blog post after blog post on all the topics I've thought of while sitting in the deer blind seeing zero deer.

But I can't.  Because right now is not the season for that.  It is the season for harvesting deer, and they don't just walk up, knock on your door, and keel over conveniently on the front porch.  I have to go out to where they are (or where they're supposed to be, gosh darn it!!) and wait for them.  Only seven more hunting days left this year.

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