Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yarn Along #13: The End is Near

My, how the week seems to fly.  It's Wednesday again all ready, time to join Ginny's yarn along.

Cold, cloudy, and snow flurries in the wind here today.  I'm home from work, changed into warm clothes, had a big mug of hot chocolate, and now I'm ready to show what I've been knitting and reading for the past seven days.

Athos sock #2 is in the home stretch.  Last week I vowed to focus on just this sock for seven days, resisting the urge to cast on anything new.  That paid off big time: the heel is finished, and I have 4 pattern repeats on the foot left to do (56 rows) before it is time to do the toe.  I feel like this sock has taken forever, but the end is near now.  Hopefully next week I will be gloating over a completed sock.

I am still reading The Meaning of Names.  I haven't spend much time reading in the past week, but when I have a minute or two, I grab for this book.  I'm enjoying it (so far) as much as I thought I would, and it isn't too complicated of a storyline to follow despite the multiple interruptions in my reading time.

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