Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.4: Oh So Close!

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along on this beautiful sunny Wednesday.

I've been speeding right along on my Forest Glade cowl, and had hoped I might finish it last night.  I almost did finish it, except I only got about 20% into the bind off row when I discovered I definitely did not have enough yarn to make it.  Oh so close! I had all ready modified the last few rows of the pattern--remember I am using needles one size up from what the designer calls for--but cutting out one entire row did not leave me enough yarn for the bind off.

So, I had to unknit my bind off (I'm happy to report that it was not as difficult to put those bound off stitches back on as I had thought it would be), take out a second row, and then begin the bind off again.  I got about 40% bound off the second time, and was so tired I just could not stay up to finish (it was all ready 1/2 hr past my bedtime).

What I present for your viewing pleasure today is a picture of my mostly bound off cowl, plus the yarn I have chosen for my next project, which will be a Multnomah shawl in Wisdom Yarn's Saki Silk colorway 302.

The cowl, I am determined to finish this afternoon. I'll cast on the shawl tomorrow after work; if I can wait that long. ;0)

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