Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Got Nothin'

I'm having a hard time blogging this year.  Not because there isn't anything going on at this little place here.  On the contrary; I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (yes, they really do run--for a little bit--after you chop their heads off.  I've seen it first hand).  Most of the time days and days go by before I get a chance to sit down and think about blogging.  And then, most of what goes through my head sounds pretty negative and complaining.  Which isn't at all what I want; not the tone of this blog, not who I want to be.

Let me just say that having three generations in one house is tough.  As the eldest generation at still a pretty young age--45 & 43--DH and I are finding challenges we never thought would occur.  It's hard.  It's disappointing.  It's frustrating. I mean, we love DS1 and we love K2, but more often that not we find ourselves biting our tongues to not give unsolicited advice or to not blow our tops on the fifth or tenth occurrence of something we've addressed a few times and a few times been assured they'd be more on top of that particular thing from then on.

I'm not in the mood to raise adults.  They've both been in the military.  They've also lived in their own home between finishing military service and moving here with DH and I.  Which is probably why I get so blasted frustrated with them over the disorganization, messiness, and things I consider immature/irresponsible for someone in their mid-20's with two children.

I know I'm a perfectionist. I know I'm an overachiever.  That's why I have yet to look either the 25 yo or the almost 25 yo in the face and say "don't give me that crap.  When I was your age I had three kids, owned a home, worked, and still kept my house tidy and never ran out of milk or clean laundry.  So don't bother to cry me a river cuz I'm not buying your excuses."

But I also know I don't expect things from other people that they have not shown me in the past that they are capable of.  And I can't stand slackers.

So, lest this post go even more down in the dumps, I'll end now. I got nothin'.

Check back tomorrow for the weekly Yarn Along post.

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