Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.21: Moose Drool, Socks & Amish Lit

Joining Ginny on a breezy, sunny Wednesday for the weekly Yarn Along.

Moving right along on the Zigzagular Socks (aka my Moose Drool socks).  With DS1's wedding last weekend, I did not get much knitting time in the past week. (If you only check my blog for the yarn along, and you want to see what kept me from knitting between Wed. and Sun last week, take a look at my post In The Cake Zone.)  In fact, I think I only picked up my needles again briefly on Monday evening, then for about an hour yesterday.

nearly 3 pattern repeats completed

But, as you can see, the Moose Drool is expanding. (And I managed to get a hold of some Moose Drool beer too--it was my private BYOB for the wedding since I don't drink commercial keg beer!)

Also in the photo is Beverly Lewis's newest book The Love Letters.  I just picked it up from the library yesterday, so no opinion on it yet; other than the fact that she is my favorite Amish Lit author.  I'm expecting it to be as good as her previous novels.

I should have a full review of the book for next week's yarn along post--it's a 7-day book so I have to have it back to the library next Tuesday!  Also hoping to have a completed Moose Drool sock #1 to show you then.


  1. I just love that colourway! I will have to look for that book - love Amish fiction!

  2. Beautiful sock and brilliant colourway.