Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.26: Moose Drool Finished!

I'm joining in with Ginny today for the weekly Yarn Along. Trying to get back into the groove after being gone on (sorta) vacation last week with DH and K3 (K3 being the reason it was only sort of a vacation--having a mostly potty trained 3yo along for the week sure made for a busy grandma if you know what I mean. . .)  Anyway that vacation is the reason I didn't post for last week's Yarn Along.

But, I'm happy to say with all the driving involved in getting to our vacation destination and back again, plus a few chances to sit poolside and knit while  DH and K3 splashed around in the water (I have eczema, which means my skin and chlorine don't mix well, so I avoid actually going in pools; preferring the 'less clean' water of ponds, lakes, and the ocean for my swimming time), I was able to finish sock #2 of my Moose Drool aka Zigzagular socks!

poolside knitting

pattern directions give you a left sock and a right sock;
I was happily amazed how easy it is to make mirror image socks.

I love how the pattern continues down the leg, through the ankle, and to the toes of the foot

I even finished these socks early enough in our vacation that I was able to cast on and knit a few rows of my next project, a pair of Petty Harbour socks for my Dad's birthday in October.  Unfortunately, somewhere between packing for home on Saturday and pulling out my knitting for picture taking today, one of the needles slipped and I lost all 24 stitches on it.  I think I'm going to end up just ripping out the sock (only 4 rows) and starting it over.  Ah well.  A report on that next Wednesday.


  1. Your socks are delightful, I love the colourway and it compliments the pattern really well :)

  2. That is a really great pattern for variegated sock yarn. I haven't done mirrored socks yet; seems a bit daunting to me.
    I can imagine that a vacation with a three-year-old has its challenges -- all worth it, I'm sure.