Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.28: A Little Longer

Joining with Ginny's Yarn Along on another gorgeous blue sky, breezy Wednesday.

I've done very, very little knitting in the past seven days.  Just enough to get through 4.5 more pattern repeats on the leg of the Petty Harbour sock for Dad.  So, it doesn't look a whole lot different from the way it did last week, just a little longer is all.

I was surprised to see one of my morning glories actually blossomed (mine aren't doing so well; pretty spindly plants this year) when I went outside to pose the sock for it's yarn along photo shoot, so that is the featured flower in this week's progress picture.  :0)  I think the colors compliment each other pretty well.

As if my time isn't being spent on enough projects other than this sock lately, for the past three days I've been battling the urge to cast on for a new project.  DD2 moves into the college dorm in exactly one month, and suddenly my brain keeps nagging at me about all the cool dishcloth/washcloth patterns in my Ravelry que with "for DD2" notated on them.  It's not like she doesn't all ready have bathing supplies enough for college, but I just have the urge to send something a little more personalized with her when she goes.  Besides, washcloths are so fast to knit up, and I have the yarn all ready in my stash. . . 

Not making any promises, but there might be a slight interlude from sock knitting in next week's Yarn Along post.


  1. I'm supposed to be working on a ripples blanket for my oldest son...but I decided to grab my cotton yarn and start making a BUNCH of dishcloths or washcloths. Can you have too many? I bet she would like the in her school's colors? or to match her bedding? I'm on my 4th different pattern. Just trying to see what ones I like best...LOL

  2. You can never have enough washcloths! I love making them to try out patterns. Love the morning glory - gorgeous.