Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.33: Car Knitting

It's a cool, breezy and overcast Wednesday here; the crazy weather of late August that feels like fall one day and melts us with summer heat and humidity the next. I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along today.

I did not get any knitting done at all last Wednesday through Saturday.  Too busy attending to all the last minute things involved with packing a child for college hundreds of miles away.  She probably won't be home again until Christmas break, so we had to make sure to round up all her warm winter wear as well as her dorm supplies and clothing for both late summer and fall.

I had thought I would get a bunch of knitting done in the car on Friday as we drove the nine hours to her college.  Ha.  Didn't happen.  I don't know. . . something about a nervous/excited girl, a dad with sending-my-baby-girl-to-college jitters that displayed in extreme grumpiness, and an entire dorm room stuffed into a Cadillac. . . Because you know we had to take the company car since it gets better gas mileage than our Suburban does. . . Things were extremely cramped and the mood in the car was not conducive to knitting.  Stabbing people with knitting needles, yes, but not knitting. So I kept them safely in my knitting bag stuffed at my feet.

However, that all smoothed out once we got there, unloaded the car, and had some elbow room from each other.  There may have even been a smile or two Friday evening.  Saturday was hectic in a different way, with welcome to campus types of things for the freshmen and their parents.  Plus shopping for textbooks and last minute things that we knew weren't going to fit into the car for the long journey north.

Sunday, finally, I got to do some knitting. About four or five hours worth, I think.  Enough to go from Cast-on (where I was at this time last week) on Sock#2 for Dad to about two-thirds of the leg completed.

No reading book to report on this week.  Haven't had time for reading lately.  Several books waiting to be read once I feel caught up on enough stuff to begin a book.


  1. Enjoyed reading about the trip to take your daughter to school. Having done this a couple of times (though a much short distance) I can imagine the tension in a cramped vehicle. Glad you've got it behind you and you're on to knitting!

  2. We just sent our daughter off for the 3rd year at her college. At just under 3 hours away we don't have to do much, but this weekend we will drive up with the common area furniture they use. Youngest daughter is considering a college 14 hours away!!! Now that will be an experience. Best wishes