Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.35: Glory, Glory

Joining Ginny and the Yarn Along today.  Cool-ish and cloudy here; which is kind of a nice break from the upper 80's and very humid/thunderstorms we've had most days since the last yarn along.

It's been sort of a slow knitting week.  I've been working a bit on a counted cross-stitch project when I'm not outside working on things, or inside trying to do a little cleaning and decluttering.

I've only added seven rows to the Ups N Downs dish towel.  And gotten through the gusset decreases on Dad's Petty Harbour sock.

I did, however, finish Murder Freshly Baked and enjoyed it enough that I requested the first book of the Amish Village mystery series from my local library.  Hoping it will be in soon enough that I can start reading it next week.

My morning glories, straggly as they are, keep delighting me with a fresh bloom or two nearly every day. I really love how the centers, when photographed, look like they are emanating light.

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