Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.39: Are We There Yet?

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along today.  The weather at this little place here is much nicer than it's been in about a week. The sun is finally back out, and the temperature is supposed to be somewhere close to seventy degrees this afternoon.  A nice change from the howling north wind, rain/overcast, and cool temps we've have since last Friday.

"Are we there yet?" is how I'm feeling about my Ups n Downs dish towel lately.  Anxious to be 'there'; to be to the right length, to cast off and be done.  It is currently at 19 inches long.  Taking a survey of the dish towels currently in my kitchen, 22 inches seems to be the 'normal' length. I have a few that are only 20, some that are 23, but most are 22.  These are all towels that have been in use for several years, and washed at least a hundred times.  In other words, they have probably shrunk at least a little from when they were brand new.

Which means, I suppose, that I will knit another three to five inches on my towel before casting off.  Honestly, though, I've lost interest in the project.  I'd much rather be knitting socks, or winter hats, or Christmas presents.  But I know that if I don't force myself to work on this towel and only this towel, it will get set aside and probably not finished this year.  So, I'll just keep saying "are we there yet?!?" and knitting monogamously for another week.

I'm also struggling a little with the book I am currently reading, The Beach Quilt.  I just started it last night, so I'm not all that far into it yet, but the writing style is starting to annoy me.  The plot seems interesting enough, it's just that the wording and the setting the writer is trying to describe are hitting me as too idyllic, too simplistic.  Not sure I can keep going and read all 400+ pages if only the first 50 are making me grit my teeth.

Just in case maybe I'm in a little funk and not realizing it yet (bored with my knitting, not 'feeling' this book) I'll keep at it for another few chapters before I decide to quit reading it or not.


  1. I have a project on my needles that I want to set aside but I know it will get abandoned so I will keep going too.

  2. The book title sounded familiar, but I can't find it on my list. I give you permission to stop, if it doesn't do it for you!! It's taken me years to feel OK at dropping the reading of a book, especially if someone highly recommended it, or it has rave reviews. I could live forever and still not be able to read all the books written, so there's always more waiting!! AND I just unwound 5.75 balls of yarn that was trying to be a vest...or maybe trying not too. Sometimes you win and sometimes the yarn wins. Your towel looks marvie, though. Keep up the good work!! I should perhaps try one. I'll have to look up the pattern. I'm not a good or a fast knitter, but I appreciate hand knits... So I appreciate your effort. :o)