Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.41: Hat and Gloves

Happy Wednesday!  It's time to Yarn Along with Ginny.  :O)

I've been working on a hat and gloves for DD2 in the past week.  Last week I showed you about half of the hat.  Today, you get to see the whole thing!

This is the pattern, and the yarn is some Elegant Yarns in Kaleidoscope #67 Ocean Breeze that I bought while shop hopping.  It is 100% wool, and must be hand washed.  But it is warm. warm, warm and in DD2's favorite colors.  So perfect for a hat and gloves for her this winter in the U.P.

When I got done with the hat, I went searching on Ravelry for some cool looking (and easy to make) gloves, since I have never made gloves before.  The pattern I choose to go with is Offhand Gloves, which are knitting up really fast.  I just started this left glove on Sunday while watching football, and have all but 2 1/2 fingers completed .  Hoping to have the left one completed after this evening, and get the right one done by next yarn along.

I am making them in the women's large size, which is a bit big on me, but should be perfect for DD2.

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  1. Great pattern for that yarn - what fun gloves! They look super warm too.