Thursday, November 5, 2015

Garlic Experiment Concluded

Actually, the experiment concluded several months ago, since garlic is harvested in mid-summer here.  I just haven't gotten around to finishing up writing a post about it.  (In case you missed my other posts about my garlic experiment, quick click and read here, here, and here!)

But now, here it is: the conclusion!

I'll start with a picture of the harvest.

Not too bad.  Most of the cloves I planted out in the spring lived and produced heads.  And the heads were actually pretty close in size to what I've harvested in previous years, when I had planted the cloves at the proper time: in the fall.

So, what I learned from this experiment, and am passing on to you, the reader, is that if for some reason you forget or are not able to plant your seed garlic at the right time, all is not lost.  If you have a cool place to keep them until spring, you can plant them in some potting soil in plastic cups (or even yogurt containers; the cloves did not grow much over the winter while sitting in the cellar) and then plant them outside as soon as the ground thaws.They should grow pretty much as normal after that point.

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