Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.43: Yarn Chicken and Switching Gears

For November, we sure are having beautiful weather at this little place here today.  The sky is blue, there is no wind, the winter wheat in the field behind the house is bright green, and the temperature is touching seventy degrees.  There's even laundry hanging on the line! I'm joining Ginny for the Yarn Along this afternoon.

I had planned to show you a pair of finished gloves today, and tell you how I had mailed them off to DD2 on Friday, and she had received them on Tuesday, and that she absolutely loved them and thought they were the coolest gloves ever.

Except on Thursday I found myself playing yarn chicken against my will.  For those who might not know, yarn chicken is when you find yourself nearing the end of your yarn more quickly than you seem to be nearing the end of your knitting.

The right glove that I only had three fingers and a thumb to go on for last Wednesday's yarn along post now had three completed fingers, and I was halfway done with the pinky finger.  That's when I noticed my skein of yarn looking awfully meager.

I got the pinky finger finished, and still had yarn left.  Not a lot of yarn left, in fact I'd say less than 24" of yarn left.  But, I rationalized, a thumb is only a few inches long, so hopefully I had enough.  So I started knitting the thumb.  And got about 1/3 of the way done when I *gasp* ran out of yarn!  Oh no!

I had no 'scrap' yarn from previous projects that was the same weight and coloring to substitute in.  I could not finish the glove until I bought more yarn!!  But the yarn store I had purchased it from was 30 minutes away, and not in the direction I usually go. (I bought it while shop hopping with my Mom last month, remember.)  I got online, and went to that yarn shop's website, hoping they might offer online shopping.  No deal.

So then I started looking into where online I could purchase the yarn.  Not from the company, apparently, they only sell to stores.  What do you do in that situation?  I'll tell you what I do.  I looked on etsy, but didn't find any of that colorway.  Then I looked on Amazon, and bingo!  Winner!  So I ordered another skein of yarn (I'll knit the thumb for this glove, then use the rest of the skein for mittens for the grandkids) plus a few other things on my wish list in order to bring the total order to the right dollar figure to qualify for free shipping.

And then I switched gears from glove knitting to dish cloth knitting while I await the arrival of my yarn.  I decided on dish cloths because they knit up quick, and because I am planning to make quite a few to give as gifts this Christmas.

First was a garterlac dishcloth in red, white and green.

Once that was done, I stared on a Double Bump dish cloth in a rainbow colored skein of cotton.  I have about a dozen rows to go on that one, and it will be finished too.  Hopefully my delivery from Amazon will show up this afternoon and I can get back to knitting that glove as soon as I'm done with the rainbow dish cloth.

I'm still reading Murder Tightly Knit, just not very quickly.  It's been a pretty busy week, and I haven't spent much time reading.  I am enjoying the story, though, even if my husband does keep making fun of my 'Amish murder mystery' when I'm reading by saying things like "It was Jeremiah, in the kitchen, with the pitchfork." and "It was Samuel, in the buggy shop, with the scythe."  If he keeps up this way, it will be Kris, in the living room, with the knitting needles!  :0)


  1. oh no! What a place to run out of yarn! Hope your delivery arrives soon.

    I love your husband's comments :) The book looks fun too!

  2. Yarn chicken is one of my least favorite games! I'm glad you were able to find the yarn.

    Your husband's remarks cracked me up!