Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.44: Christmas Gift Making is Underway

We are having a beautiful weather Wednesday at this little place here.  Cool and frosty this morning turned into a light drifting fog as the sun climbed in the sky, and then into clear blue skies with sunshine streaming all around.  The air is up to nearly fifty degrees now, which is what our forecasted high temp is supposed to be.  And then, watch out! tonight, rain and cold and wind, wind, wind moving in.

But, for now, it is a gorgeous day, and I'm once again joining Ginny's Yarn Along.

I received my much needed skein of yarn last Wednesday afternoon, so I was able to finish the thumb for DD2's glove, and now those are done.

I also finished my brightly colored double bump dish cloth, then made another one in a turqouise-y blue.

Then, I could no longer fight the urge to knit socks, so I picked a pair off of my Gifts to Make list.  There are several small pair of socks on that list, and it was easy to get right to work on a pair of Jellybean's Special Socks for K3, using a small skein of Regia sock monster in a pink and purple stripe (purchased while shop hopping).  I did make a few modifications to the pattern, because I'm not a super fan of short row heels (namely wrapping and then picking up wraps), and because the last time I made a pair (back when K3 was still a toddler) I thought the toe came out rather pointy.

But, anyway, it took about a day and a half to knit the first sock, and I am all ready to the heel turn on the second sock. Gotta love little feet!  Whipping out a sock in only a couple days makes me feel so accomplished, lol.

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