Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Foggy Day Pictures

Yesterday was foggy all day.  Thick, frozen fog in the morning, turning to thick warmer fog in the evening.  This little place here felt like it was nestled in a protective shroud, tucked away all by itself.  You couldn't see the house across the street, or the farm next door, and the lights of the cars on the road were barely visible as they drove by.

freezing fog to the east

freezing fog to the west

frost tipped sugar maple branches
(all ready munched short by the deer--grr!)

foxtail bushy with frost

frost-rimed pine

pine needles so heavy with frost they look like they've been dipped in paint

spruce looking Christmas-y

purple sand cherry decked out in frost

head of dill looking like a giant ice crystal

evening fog to the east

evening fog to the west

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