Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.48: Deja Vu

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along today.

Last week, I mentioned that was doing a sock pattern, Rosamond, that I had done earlier this year.  It was a pattern that I had really liked at the time I was making it, in late winter, for a KAL and exchange.

the Yarn Thief had to get in the picture too
(what you can't see is the one claw she possessively stuck in the yarn)

Well, I still do like it.  Although now I'm having major deja vu.  You see (and I had forgotten until Monday evening) the last time I knit a pair of Rosamond socks, I experienced a broken knitting needle.  I luckily found a set the same size in the large box of knitting needles and crochet hooks I had recently been given by DH's mom, and was able to finish the socks.

Guess what happened on Monday night.  Yep, a broken knitting needle. Actually, not just one.  THREE broken knitting needles when Toad, messing around, ran up and tromped right in my knitting bag, which was sitting next to the couch because I had just sat down with the intent to knit on the current pair of Rosamond socks I'm making.

 Never underestimate the destructive capabilities, even accidental, of a 17 month old.

Somehow his foot managed to land with just the right amount of pressure in just the right spot (where I had my needles lined up neatly together) and snapped off all three of them.  Even dropped stitches off of the one he broke the shortest.  :0(

Thankfully, by acting quickly, I was able to salvage those dropped stitches and prevent any more from falling off my ruined needles.  Also, thankfully, I had saved the non-broken ones of the same size from the set that had been damaged in Feb. So, with a not exactly matching, but right sized, set of needles I can continue knitting these socks.  Which is good because I'm not sure where that really old and rubbery set went that I'd used on the first Rosamond socks.  At least now I have two 'full' sets of size 2.25mm needles, even though some are wooden and some are plastic.

Although I have to confess now I'm really leery of making this pattern in the future for a third pair. . .

Also on the knitting needles, albeit a much larger and hopefully harder to break pair, is a Barley hat which is part of my nephew's Christmas present.  He will be 18 months old shortly before Christmas, but he's a big stocky kid (my brother is 6' 2"), so I'm making the child size rather than the toddler size.  This is the same pattern I used to make hats for both Toad and K3 last fall, and it comes with instructions for sizes from baby all the way through adult large.  The yarn is acrylic, variegated worsted in blue from Knit Picks.

Barley hat, about half finished.

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  1. YARN THIEF CONQUERS YARN :) Haha too cute! And I'm sorry your needles broke!