Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.49: Not Really, But. . .

It's a cloudy, chilly Wednesday here.  Actually, it's pretty typical weather for this time of December in Michigan, but after last week's really warm spell (and a new record high of 63 degrees on Sunday!) 35 degrees and overcast sure seems damp and miserable.

So, to cheer things up around here, I'm joining with Ginny for the Yarn Along.

In the past week, I have decided that the Rosamond sock pattern is cursed.  Well, not really, but it sure seems like I am having more than my fair share of knitting troubles trying to get this pair of socks done in time for Christmas.  Last yarn along, I reported that Toad had stepped on and broken three of my dpns while they were in the sock, making me panic and have to rescue some dropped stitches as well as rustle up some more needles in that size so I could keep knitting.

Well, guess what happened this week.  I snapped a dpn while working on the Rosamond sock (still on sock #1. . .really I can finish the pair in the next eight days, really. . . ).  It was one of my original set of size 1's, the set I had to replace because of losing one and breaking another the first time I knit this pattern back in February and March.  Thankfully I have approximately eight of this size of needles now, what with the remainder of the first set, the remainder of the second set, and DH's grandma's really old rubbery plastic set I inherited last winter.  So, I kept on knitting.

And then, on Sunday, while my back was turned for two whole seconds (literally, that fast), K3 wanted to 'help' me knit and she managed to pull one of my dpns half out of the sock.  Eight stitches of lace pattern dropped about three rows.  

I had a cow.  Quietly, after my initial whirling around when I saw, in my peripheral vision, K3 grab at the sock, and then the needle slide out of the stitches, and me saying loudly "What did you do?!?" I had a cow.  I didn't want to traumatize the child, so I put on a calm but firm demeanor as I rescued my knitting from her little hands, but inside I was having a major cow while I tried desperately to pick up stitches and not mess up the pattern.  Because I knew if I couldn't get it fixed, I was going to have to rip it out, and then DD1 definitely would not be getting any Rosamond socks for Christmas this year. 

To say the air in the house was thick with tension would be an understatement.  DS1 was especially attentive to what his children were doing the rest of the night.  Grandma was off limits. Because Grandma really, really needed her space.

At that point, I decided I could only work on these socks when K3 and Toad were 1) not home, or 2) asleep.  Because if they were home, and were awake, this particular knitting project was going to have to be safely shut away in my bedroom so nothing even more drastic could happen to it.

So today I have two finished projects to show you.  A hat for my nephew, and a matching hat for his older sister, my niece.  They are what just about all my knitting time since the dropped stitches incident of Sunday has been spent on.

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  1. I totally understand the weather! Here in WI it is the exact same. Cute hats! :)