Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.3: Re A Drop of Golden Sun

Happy Wednesday; happy Yarn Along!  I'm joining in with Ginny this overcast, slightly snowy day.

The sky outside might currently be the same color as the ground--white--but inside, it looks like sunshine bubbling up from my knitting bag.

My Cicely shawl is coming along nicely.  I finished the lace edging last weekend, then picked up stitches along the edge and began the body of the shawl.  So far I am 4 pattern repeats (about 24 rows) into the body.  Just enough that it is becoming recognizable as a shawl.  Or, at least, Toad has stopped calling it a sock every time he sees me knitting on it.  In his defense, he is only 18 months old and has mostly seen me knit socks during his short span of memory.

I am still loving the color of this yarn.  Maybe even more right now when it's so gray/white outside and the sunshine is muted.  As long as I'm knitting with this luscious yarn, though, I am in contact with golden drops of sun.

(I do apologize for putting the do re mi song in your head.  Think I'm going to have it as an earworm myself the rest of the afternoon.  And an overwhelming urge to watch the Sound of Music.)


  1. I've not knitted a shawl from the edging up before. Must be fun to have each row getting faster and faster

  2. Your shawl is gorgeous - love the colour! I love The Sound of Music too - funny as I was just planning to dye a series of yarns based on The Sound of Music!

  3. Such a lovely colour. This pattern is on my Have to do list.

  4. It's beautiful! Looks like a great and quick knit!

  5. The yarn looks like it feels amazing!

  6. Your shawl is going to be lovely and I can just see your sweet son calling it a sock before it grew.My son still calls my thread for stitching "yarn" and ALL of my crafts are characterized as "knitting", doesn't maater what I'm doing. I will miss that when he grows up :-)